OC Mix 2

Various artists

I don’t know if I am embarrassed or proud to say that I have never watched Fox’s The OC. However, when I saw the OC Mix 2 CD sitting in my stack of CDs to be reviewed, I was intrigued. Could I get as addicted to a CD as millions have become to a show? It turns out that the CD is pretty good—not addicting, but good. I didn’t know what to expect—certainly not such bands as the Killers, Interpol, Eels and Death Cab for Cutie, indie bands that one would not immediately imagine being associated with this mainstream, prep-drenched soap opera, but in fact a lot of the songs were written especially for the show. Some pitfalls: Even though it’s labeled a “mix,” this CD has little diversity. There is only one female singer in all 16 songs. And the only song that really stood out was Patrick Park’s “Something Pretty.” It had a nice country feel, and his voice is rich and smooth—downright gorgeous. So, get the CD if you are an OC fan and would like some background music for your life. Otherwise, don’t bother.