Obama scores “C” in eco

Environmentalists say administration made strides, but it’s not enough

The Center for Biological Diversity gave President Obama an overall grade of “C” recently for his administration’s efforts in handling endangered species, energy and climate issues during its first year in office.

Throughout the past year, the administration has pleased environmentalists by making various strides under the Clean Air Act, including issuing the statement that greenhouse gases endanger public health. However, it lost points for reducing protections for wolves and pursuing offshore oil development in polar bear habitats, according to a press release from CBD.

The report card rated efforts in five categories, including endangered species, climate, energy, public lands and oceans. While all grades teetered in the “B” and “C” ranges, the lowest grade received was a “C-” for climate control because the administration’s efforts to reduce and control greenhouse gases have not reached far enough.

The administration scored its highest grade—a “B+”—in the oceans category, for taking steps toward addressing ocean acidification.