Nutrition for body and soul

Amanda Bosschart

Photo by Whitney Garcia

Unique flavors, organic ingredients and lots of avocados are Amanda Bosschart’s idea of culinary perfection. Bosschart, originally from Sacramento, has lived in Chico for the past 20 years, working as a holistic nutritionist. In 2012, she became active locally in the fight for GMO labeling, and the following year Bosschart began her business, The Organic Mama, working as a holistic nutritionist and personal chef who offered organic, vegan and non-GMO meals and lifestyle guidance for private clients. Since finding a niche of locals who sought out her style of cooking, and seizing the opportunity to occupy the food stand that was once the Dog House in the Nord Avenue Safeway parking lot, Bosschart opened OM Foods on Valentine’s Day. OM Foods offers meals that are locally sourced, 90 percent organic and non-GMO, and made with Bosschart’s personal recipes. Find OM Foods on Facebook.

What sort of food do you offer?

Our food is locally bought from S&S Natural Foods and local farms, and 90 percent of what we make is organic and non-GMO. We don’t really use bread, or grains, but I do put half an avocado on most dishes. OM Foods hopes to give people the option to have a healthier meal that has local origins and unique tastes. I’ve done price comparisons with other places that offer local-origin meals, like Sierra Nevada, The Banshee and Wild Oak Café, and we have priced our food according to them. We also offer vegan dishes and my signature fish tacos.

How does OM Foods reflect your personal lifestyle?

I practice having a whole body and mind. I got my degree in holistic nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health. My lifestyle for the last 20 years has been a culmination of eating right, doing yoga and having positive mindsets. I teach my three children these things, and their lifestyles reflect that too.

What is “holistic nutrition”?

It’s nutrition that incorporates the whole body. It’s healing the body with food, with a focus on the specific dietary needs of an individual person. It takes into account people’s bodies and illness. With the use of supplements, changing the way you think about things, good food and lifestyle changes, holistic nutrition is an alternative way to help your body.

What message do you hope to send with OM Foods?

There’s this conversation going on that says, “You pay for your food now so you don’t have to pay for a doctor later.” Whatever you put into your body is either going to support you or take you down. I think with the local farmers and farmers’ markets we have, as well as recipes online, it’s really simple to be eating healthier. That includes eliminating packaged foods and eating more produce, nuts and seeds. Then, you’ll see your body change, and it thrives.