Nuit Tsigane: Gypsy Night at Le Divan du Monde

Various artists

The Balkan clubbing craze may be next to nonexistent in these parts, but it sure isn’t in Europe. Gaetano Fabri, resident DJ at popular Paris indie-rock/punk/hip-hop/electronica nightclub Le Divan du Monde (the former hangout, when it was called Le Divan Japonais, of Baudelaire and Toulouse-Lautrec), is partly responsible for the rise of Balkan electronica with his regular nuit tsigane (gypsy night) dance parties at the club. Fabri is also responsible for this infectious assemblage of remixed tunes from popular Eastern European bands such as Fanfare Ciocarlia and Balkan Beat Box. The originals are undeniably fun enough, with their enthusiastic, fresh fusion of gypsy, Middle Eastern and electronica sounds, but Fabri’s remixes have a cleverness and crispness that make them exceptionally danceable. The groove-dictated, synthesized kitty sounds added to Serbian gypsy group Kal’s “Mozzarella” stay away from being too cute while adding to the song’s frantic, madcap atmosphere. Fabri’s remix homage to French gypsy musette dance band Beltuner’s “No Comment” is equally insistent and creative.