Last Little Life EP

The Rentals

On Last Little Life, Matt Sharp doesn’t so much pick up the pieces of his post-Weezer rock ’n’ roll project as he rebuilds it from scratch. No original collaborators remain save for Rachel Haden, who sang a little on the first Rentals album, although it was her sister Petra (not present here) who was the Best Supporting Vocalist of the band. The songs from the Rentals’ latest are those of an indie pop band finding its feet—not as confident and epic as Sharp’s old records. Even though five of the six members are credited with “synthesizers,” the Moogs are less prominent than ever on these songs, which rely more on acoustic guitar, viola and airtight harmonies from the band’s three female members. The new songs are good, but not the total home runs fans might expect. And the inclusion of the remade (old) Rentals track “Sweetness and Tenderness” does something it shouldn’t, which is cast this crew as a 1990s Rentals cover band. They deserve better.