No End In Sight

Rated 5.0

(Ends Thurs., Oct. 18) At this point in the sociopolitical climate simmering in the United States, the line is solidly drawn and the two sides are firmly entrenched. As such, No End in Sight really serves no purpose than more shouting out for amens from the choir. But for affirmation to one’s position, the blistering documentary more than delivers with excruciating well-researched scab picking into the outright incompetence, banality, venality and delusional hubris that led us into the whole mess in the Middle East. Although of all the Iraq conflict exposés, this bad boy leads the pack in veracity. As a historical document it carries the melancholy weight that it’s not going to change anything. But on the other hand, it’s still nice to see the evidence blown up to billboard size. More harrowing than any horror flick, this should be required viewing in the high schools like the driver’s-ed films used to be. Maybe then it’ll serve a real purpose and avert the Santayana Clause.