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Planned protest

Photo By Tom Gascoyne

Obeying the word of God, about 60 anti-abortionists from the Kansas City area converged on Chico this week, after a similar stop in Sacramento, to silently pray in front of the Planned Parenthood office on Vallombrosa Avenue. All but two of the protestors wore a strip of red tape inscribed with the word “Life” across their mouths. The mouth of a young woman named Mercy—"We don’t like to give our last names,"—wasn’t taped over, allowing her to serve as a spokesperson. She said the group, made up of all denominations, had been traveling the northwest for the last month in three vans and were heading home Aug. 25. “We out here asking God to end abortion and establish a culture of life,” she said. “We believe it’s an advantage to come out here and step into the gap (between man and God),” she explained when asked why they didn’t try to get God’s attention from their homes in Kansas.