Nature center’s new deal

Agreement with city will help keep Chico Creek Nature Center alive

“We're going from a bad deal to a much better deal,” Chris Constantin, assistant city manager, said at the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday (Dec. 15).

Constantin (pictured) was referring to a new deal between the city and the Chico Creek Nature Center on a $185,000 city loan used to construct a new exhibit hall and classroom completed in 2008.

The new agreement significantly reduces CCNC's quarterly payments for five years but also ties those payments to the lease agreement for use of the property and buildings, giving the city the power to break the lease if CCNC defaults. The agreement also allows CCNC to partner with the Chico Area Recreation and Park District and discuss CARD taking over management of the nature center.

The council approved the deal 6-0, with Councilwoman Reanette Fillmer absent.