Mystery Cove

Monster Rally is the creation of native Clevelander Ted Feighan. The project began with Feighan pulling tracks from his home record collection, laying the found samples into a smooth amalgamation of soul, tropicália and hip-hop. Since then, Feighan’s released several EPs and albums, most recently Mystery Cove. Though it’s 20 tracks long, most stop at roughly the two-minute mark, feeling more like passing scenery than fully fleshed-out tunes. Feighan’s sample catalog continues to expand, with songs like “In the Valleys” bringing in a slight country flair. Despite the genres being all over the sonic map, Feighan has mastered roping them into clear, defined feelings. The entire mood of the album seems to sit in a mid-20th century tiki bar, classic and subtle. A common element of clipping together samples is visible seams. Here, each noise has a defined cycle, but slips into a new groove before the repetition becomes grating. Step by sonic step, the album’s over before you know it.