Bassist/keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Kirt Lind has been a contributing part of more great Chico bands (The Yule Logs, French Reform, The Spirit Molecules, et al.) than just about anyone. And there’s good reason why people want to play with him; Lind has a knack for writing impeccable complementary parts that elevate the songs and the players around him. Somewhat below the radar of his work with those headlining acts is the fact that Lind is a prolific solo artist as well, releasing on average one new album a year since 2009. The latest is Ferdinand (his eighth!), and it’s a continuation of Lind’s hybrid electro-pop/jangly indie-rock approach—done to such great effect on his two previous regular releases (Kirt Lind and No Future). Ferdinand is a comparatively lighter affair, more of a bedroom sound with sweet, sometimes sparse arrangements and the usual earworm melodies. My favorite cuts so far: the lush, sweetly melodic “Only” and the dynamic, herky-jerky slow jam “Stop on a Dime.” Download all of Lind’s music at www.kirtlind.bandcamp.com.