Tom Blodgett

Who can forget the old days of trying to learn Spanish—listening to la profesora drone on about conjugating verbos till your eyes glazed over? But at least you knew how to ask where the library was (“¿Dónde está la biblioteca?”) should you ever find yourself on the beach in Puerto Vallarta dying for a frío one. Adiós to all that. Local Spanish teacher and musician Tom Blodgett has combined his two passions in an innovative and infectious Spanish-language course—for classroom Spanish teachers as well as individual students learning on their own. Blodgett’s three CDs of original songs and accompanying texts make learning not only painless but actually fun. The rock/pop songs are good enough to listen to whether you’re “studying” or not. The CDs have two versions of each song—with vocals and without—so once you’ve learned the tunes you can sing along Karaoke-style with your new vocabulary. Está muy bien! For more information or to order copies, visit www.musicapaedia.com. Also available at Lyon Books, S & S Produce and the Chico State bookstore.