Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas

USAopoly/Steve Jackson Games

Often when a card or board game receives the licensed-property treatment, the result is nothing more than a skin—your favorite characters pasted onto Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit boards. However, thanks to the Munchkin card game's customizable gameplay, licensed sets do double duty as stand-alone games and as expansions to the myriad Munchkin sets you might already own. With the Nightmare Before Christmas edition, Tim Burton fans will enjoy how deep into the source material the cards go. In addition to major and minor characters, the cards reference song lyrics, sets and props from the movie. The included skull-themed die—molded to resemble Oogie Boogie's lethal pair of dice—is enough to make even Santa appreciate Halloween Town's scares. Proof that the right game with the right license can go more than skin deep.