Much ado about package

Bomb scare evacuates several downtown streets and businesses

Reports of a suspicious-looking package at US Bank on East Second Street prompted the evacuation of several surrounding streets and businesses on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Bank employees called police shortly after arriving for work and finding a green reusable grocery bag against the building’s main entrance, according to a Chico Police Department press release. Officers concluded the “contents of the bag could not safely be determined,” opting to close sections of East Second and First streets and nearby sidewalks.

Dozens of onlookers gathered behind hundreds of yards of yellow warning tape to watch the Butte County Sheriff’s Regional Bomb Squad arrive at the scene.

Police Sgt. Mike Nelson, citing policy, would not describe the details of the response. But the CN&R watched a fully suited member of the bomb squad approach the bag and, about an hour later, at about 12:30 p.m., heard a loud, muffled boom from some sort of explosive. The bag held water bottles, a jewelry box, a pencil, and socks.