Greeks get new rules

University officials lay the groundwork for reinstatement

Fraternity and sorority leaders met with Chico State University officials Saturday (Feb. 2) to receive guidelines they must follow to be reinstated following President Paul Zingg’s Nov. 15 suspension of all Greek activity.

The suspension was announced the same day Mason Sumnicht, a pledge who’d attempted to drink 21 shots on his 21st birthday, died after 11 days on life support. At the emotional meeting attended by about 400 of the 1,200 Chico Greeks, Zingg and Drew Calandrella, vice president for Student Affairs, cited student deaths, violence and alcohol-policy violations as reasons for the suspension.

Throughout February, Greeks seeking reinstatement must complete several tasks, including attending workshops on violence prevention and alcohol abuse, and adopting stricter event, behavior and recruiting guidelines.

Chapters meeting the February demands will not be fully reinstated just yet, but will be allowed to uncover the letters on their houses and start recruiting.

The guidelines will be posted on the Student Life and Leadership section of the university’s website.