Mother Earth is sick and only we can heal her

We change or we die, author says

The author is a longtime Chico resident and author with bachelor’s degrees in psychology, health science and social science from Chico State.

So, here’s the deal. We change or we die. Who knew when the internal combustion engine was invented in 1859 that it would threaten the survival of the planet? That was only 160 years ago, just two lifetimes. The burning of fossil fuels to provide us with electricity and to power our two-ton vehicles is threatening to destroy us. It was an experiment. We didn’t realize the consequences, but now we do and we have to stop living this way.

Get rid of your car. Learn to live locally. Let your yard be a fruit tree orchard or vegetable garden or let it turn to whatever grows naturally without being watered. Water is our survival, for drinking and raising food.

All dairy farms and cattle slaughtering farms need to be shut down immediately. No more breeding of cattle for slaughter. No more breeding of pigs or lambs or chickens or fish for slaughter. We need to live off plants, not our fellow animals. Wild species like American bison should be promoted to naturally reproduce and roam the plains as in the past. There were times when an estimated thirty to fifty million bison roamed between the Appalachian mountains on the east and the Rockies on the west.

Our human lives are an experiment. No one set out to destroy the planet. We didn’t know how powerful we were, but now we know.

The average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees. How comfortable would you feel if your temperature was permanently raised to 100.6 degrees or 101.6 degrees or 102.6 degrees? Our Mother Earth is feeling ill. When Mom is happy, everyone is happy, but when Mom is overheated, everyone is miserable. We need to change our lives now, today. We cannot raise our Mother’s temperature even one degree more.

For every action, ask these questions: Is this honoring the earth? Is this honoring the water? Is this honoring the air?

If not, then don’t do it.