More ups and downs at Enloe

In the midst of good news, the hospital learns it is again out of compliance

Enloe Medical Center’s good-news/bad-news rollercoaster ride continues. In the wake of significant good news recently—a $500,000 donation from its anesthesiologists, plus an honor from the American Stroke Association for its stroke care—last week the hospital learned from the state Department of Public Health that it is again out of compliance on two of 23 conditions of participation in the Medicare program.

The compliance problems grow out of July 31 incident in which a patient, Francine Shaw, was accidentally given an incorrect dose of the blood thinner Heparin. In October, Shaw sued the hospital and various individuals for malpractice, charging she suffered a debilitating stroke and other injuries.

This is the third time in recent years that Enloe has been found out of compliance. Once again, it will prepare a corrective-action plan and wait for DPH investigators to certify that it is again in compliance.