More games at Chico State?

The senior season of basketball star Amber Simmons rests in the hands of attorneys, now that Chico State has bounced her transfer request to CSU headquarters.

As the CN&R reported last month, Simmons—the Wildcats’ first All-American—asked to be released from her commitment, citing issues with new coach Molly Goodenbour. No school can talk to Simmons without the permission of Chico State Athletic Director Anita Barker. Simmons asked Paradise attorney Leo Battle to help expedite the process, but after he sent a letter listing schools Simmons wanted to contact, Chico State referred the matter to CSU counsel in Long Beach.

“We’re not threatening any lawsuit, and Amber doesn’t want to get anyone fired,” Battle said by phone. Nonetheless, he added, the situation is “clearly not going to just go away. There is going to be a resolution one way or another. Not releasing her is not going to benefit the university or benefit Amber with her education.”