Mindful holiday shopping

Make a commitment to purchase gifts at locally owned businesses

Chico retailers lose an estimated $85.5 million annually to sales outside of the area. That’s according to the Chico Retail Market Analysis, a survey released this past summer by Tri Counties Bank, which also found that a majority of respondents—just more than 50 percent—use the Internet or mail order to do most of their shopping.

That means the local economy is losing millions of dollars to online vendors. Moreover, the losses, in the form of sales-tax revenues, are a hit to the city’s general fund.

Keep in mind that money spent at locally owned retailers circulates in the local community on a much greater scale than money spent at big-box stores. Sure, those mega-retailers provide jobs in the local economy as well as local sales tax, but much of the money spent there goes to their out-of-state headquarters and to corporate salaries.

So, this year, before you head out the door with your holiday gift list, remind yourself to “shop local.” Commit to making your purchases in brick-and-mortar businesses in our region, focusing on independent retailers.

Shopping at the little guy has the added bonus that you’re more likely to find one-of-a-kind gifts. You may even find items that are made by local artisans and craftspeople.

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