Men in Black 3

Rated 4.0

The sharp-dressed partners are back, going about their comfortable routine of policing the city streets for illegal aliens—of the spaceship kind. But that routine suddenly gets really complicated when Boris “Just Boris” the Animal manages to bust out of an über-secret maximum security prison on the moon and head back to Earth for some payback on the Man in Black responsible for his down time. That man being the taciturn Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Of course, this being a summer blockbuster, just ambushing him is sort of uninspired so Boris (Jemaine Clement) cuts a time-fart and goes back to 1968 to kill K. This results in all sorts of nasty butterfly effects being unleashed in the space/time continuum, like giant creatures descending from the sky and eating New York. The agency sends K’s partner, J (Will Smith), back to turn the fan off before the shit hits—with surprisingly amusing results. It’s complicated but not too complicated, seeing as this is a summer popcorner. But it’s a very well-crafted popcorner. Cinemark 14, Feather River Cinemas and Paradise Cinema 7. Rated PG-13