Meet the Spartans

Rated 2.0

Coming from the two dudes who brought you Date Movie and Epic Movie, this one is a slight improvement on their previous efforts. That’s not saying all that much because there isn’t all that much to say about those random clips of film duct-taped together. Seemingly created only to provide background noise and pretty colors for the teens huddled in the audience as they text message each other the weekend wrapup of gossip, these spoof movies are pretty much as lowbrow as you can get without Larry the Cable Guy being involved. That said, Meet the Spartans improves on their slight formula by sticking to a hash-up of 300 that actually provides something to stick the Post-It notes of slackjawed parady to. It’s mostly pop-culture riffs that are only riffs, with no actual attempt at humor involved. Despite that, at least the film does provide for a few easy chuckles. But other than that it plays as a very extended, very unambitious MadTV sketch. Again.