Loved Wild Lost

With the just-released Loved Wild Lost, Nicki Bluhm and her merry Gramblers have strengthened their musical place in the world. Two years after the band's critically acclaimed debut, the cohesiveness that has turned heads at live performances large and small across the country is captured here, as the vocally captivating Bluhm leads the band through 11 strong new tracks. Bluhm's clear vocals are at the forefront of the band's stellar Americana/alt-country sound, delivered by guitarist/vocalist Tim Bluhm, the 20-plus-year leader of the acclaimed Mother Hips, and the rest of the multitalented Gramblers—Steve Adams (bass/vocals), Deren Ney (guitar/vocals), Dave Mulligan (guitar/vocals) and Mike Curry (drums). There is a compelling air of maturity here, with many new songs covering life's inevitable transitions, not to an undesirable place, but to a transformational place to be celebrated. Produced by the in-demand Brian Deck, album standouts include the self-reflective ballad, “Queen of the Rodeo,” the twangy and jangly “Waiting on Love,” and “Love Your Loved Ones,” on which Nicki and Tim advise, “To your loved ones you've got to always be a good soul/ they may need one when their compass spins out of control.”