Love, Sex, Marriage

Our annual issue jam-packed with amour

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Love is in the air. Can you feel it? How couldn’t you? Whether or not you have a special someone to shower with love on Valentine’s Day, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of the hype that comes with the holiday.

This year, in the CN&R’s annual Love, Sex, Marriage issue, our focus is on couples—all sorts of couples and couples-in-the-making. We start out with a feature geared toward those who are single and, well, ready to mingle: a local matchmaking service that takes the pressure out of meeting new people.

Then, you’ll be introduced to two local newly wedded couples whose courtships were exceedingly long but for very different reasons. And finally, you’ll read about all sorts of couples that are taking advantage of a Chico spa that offers a special type of massage.

Also, be sure to flip through the rest of the paper to find other love-centric write-ups, including a Healthlines feature highlighting how social media can harm relationships and a Greenways piece previewing a romantic bicycle outing.

In short, we’re your go-to source for all things love. So, let’s get it on!