Love or money?

How has the economy affected your love life?

Has the state of the economy had an impact on your love life? For many Americans, the answer is yes, with 30 percent of adults saying they’re less interested in sex since the financial crisis started. The folks over at the Daily Beast Web site put together an Internet poll that questioned 1,000 people at the end of last month. Among revealing a lower sex drive, 41 percent of single respondents said they’re more cautious about who they date these days and 42 percent of attached adults said they argue more about finances since the recession hit. Here are the results of a question regarding how likely people are to do certain things based on the state of the economy.

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  More likely Less likely Spend less on dates 39 16 Put off having a child 29 18 Argue with your partner 28 22 Put off marriage 21 19 Move in with a partner 15 26 Put off divorce 13 19 Get married 11 31 Go on dates 11 35 Get divorced 7 35 Have a child 5 42