Loot Crate

The pursuit of loot is paramount to gamers and geeks. We farm it, we make tutorial YouTube videos on how to get it, and we show it off with the ego of Rafiki holding Simba atop Pride Rock. So to have it magically show up on our doorstep once a month—well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Every month, Loot Crate’s subscription-box delivery service includes hand-picked and custom items that revolve around a geek or gamer theme such as zombies, arcades or animation. Until you open the box, the contents are a mystery, so your monthly subscription fee ($19.37, which also covers shipping) is a gamble. Or it would be if Loot Crate ever disappointed in its selections. Past boxes have included Ewoking Dead T-shirts, “It’s Over 9000!!!” stickers, 8-bit sunglasses, and Funko’s TMNT POP! vinyl figures. Each box balances wide-appeal items—drawing on popular franchises such as Doctor Who, Star Wars and Street Fighter—with hidden gems of Internet culture, collectibles and candy. Each month, Loot Crate seems to top itself, so that after a couple of boxes, you’ll find yourself with a serious case of subscription addiction.