Looking for hitman hits

There are further revelations in the saga of Ann Marie Linscott, the 49-year-old Rockford, Mich., woman who apparently believed she could find somebody to whack her lover’s wife by putting an ad on Craigslist.

As KHSL-TV reported Tuesday night (Jan. 29), new evidence indicates she herself may have tried to kill her romantic rival—by planting a bomb in her Oroville house.

Authorities were tipped off when, in a search of Linscott’s home, they found a book about bomb making. A search of the victim’s home allegedly turned up “circumstantial” evidence that a bomb may have been placed there.

Linscott and her intended victim’s husband were reportedly having an affair, and authorities believe Linscott was tired of being “the other woman.” Why she thought going on Craigslist to find a hired assassin would work is anybody’s guess. In any event, she is being extradited to Sacramento, where she will face trial on multiple charges.

The victim’s name has been withheld. She reportedly is a high-ranking supervisor in Butte County government.