Logue bill backs Obama

Assemblyman’s legislation sides with the president

Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville) has introduced legislation that, if passed, would allow Californians to reclaim and keep their health-insurance policies through December of this year. Assembly Bill 1507 comes in the wake of a unanimous decision last November by the five-member board of Covered California to continue to enroll Californians in new health-care plans and not extend the deadline allowing them to keep their existing plans.

“The implementation of Obamacare has resulted in multiple problems for the people it was supposedly meant to help and I hope that this bill will be able to correct just one of those problems,” Logue (pictured) said in press release.

Actually, according to the San Jose Mercury News, the Covered California board went against President Obama’s directive to allow the extension of existing health-insurance policies through 2014. The board said extending the deadline would create confusion. In other words, Logue’s bill backs up Obama’s wishes.