Limp Bizkit

Results May Vary

Limp Bizkit indeed. Every song on this over-inflated, over-produced CD is a flaccid carbon copy of the rap-rock blueprint, with the egomaniacal Fred Durst leading the charge on “Gimme the Mic”: “I’m a crazy, crazy man/ with a crazy, crazy plan / to destroy all you crazy ass wannabe ba-ands.” Yeah right, Fredrick, you’re so edgy. And street! Throwing around “aight” and “for sheezy” like it ain’t no thang is just enough to get the high-school kids on board, but defiling the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” and raping Public Enemy by aping “Bring tha Noize” (“it’s the incredible, subliminal the infredible D”) on “Phenomenon” will get you nowhere with any other human. Just open the centerfold of the CD booklet, and there’s Mr. Durst in his backwards baseball cap, grabbing his crotch and sticking his tongue out at you while the rest of the limp flunkies giggle and smirk. It’s all a joke, and if you bought it you’re out 20 bucks and the merchants of cool are laughing in your face, looking down from the top of the charts.