Lil’ Kim

La Bella Mafia

I bought this CD for one track. “Magic Stick” is on the radio at least once an hour, and every other word of it is bleeped out. “I got the magic stick. I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice. I hit the baddest chicks,” raps 50 Cent. Lil’ Kim, in turn, has the “magic clit,” and if she gets “licked once,” she’ll get “licked twice.” She is, in fact, the “baddest chick.” The record store guy told me the collabo came about after the male rapper dissed Lil’ Kim in public and later apologized. The words are fun and sexy, sure, but it’s 50 Cent’s almost monotone recitation (“What! What!”) and the beat that make “Magic Stick” the radio rap song du jour. Sorry, Shorty; I can’t tell you a G thang about the rest of the album.