Letters for July 19, 2007

Killer comments
Re: “The making of a killer” (Cover story, by R.V. Scheide, CN&R, July 12): James Karis Jr. is still alive and that, my not-so friends, is some world-class, award-winning bullshit. OK, we get it, his family sucked. And people can, not will, be a product of their environment. He raped a girl at knife point. He raped a child four months after his release. Finally, he raped at gunpoint, then killed two women. One woman survived, but it’s still murder to me.

Did his dad touch him? Probably. Should I care? Yes. His dad is a scumbag. Does that make you murder helpless, defenseless women who were no doubt begging for their life? If you do something that horrible once, then once again, and yet once more, you deserve the worst in human nature. You deserve death. Violent death.

Tell me it makes me just like him and I say you’re an idiot. Say I believe in an eye for an eye, you’re a moron. Show me the switch and I will flip it. Give me an ax and I would swing it. I’d rather sit next to 12 suicide bombers than a man who rapes and kills then blames daddy. Cry me a fuckin’ river.

Paul Nokomis

The present tense?
Is our boy R.V. Scheide bereft of his past tense? Must he write in only the present tense about long-past events? Do aliens abduct him and leave an implant that obliterates his centers of temporal grammatical discrimination? Is his mother, during pregnancy, frightened by a past participle? Do his grade-school English teachers drill so much declension that they neglect conjugation? Is his bizarre form of expression sanctioned by the News & Review Style Manual, or any? Does he mean to emulate some of the talking heads on TV who are similarly afflicted? Does somebody inadvertently misprogram the EditorBot to revise all into the present tense? Is this article a harbinger? Is it a Now thing?

Is a puzzlement.

Kansas Wortham

‘A’ for Ability
Re: “Happy campers” (Cover story, by Christine G.K. LaPado, CN&R, July 5): Thank you very much for the excellent article on the Ability First camp. Christine did a great job covering the activities and learning skills that physically disabled youths are exposed to at this camp.

The staff and many volunteers are very qualified and do a wonderful job—and really enjoy being able to participate in this weeklong camp.

I have two grandchildren who have volunteered for three or four years, and I feel that as a result of this they have a unique and compassionate respect for all disabled youths.

I appreciate your coverage of this great camp—and appreciate Christine’s insight in her article.

Virginia Elmer

Having pride in Oroville
Re: “Mean streets” (Cover story, by Jaime O’Neill, CN&R, June 14): I have been living in Oroville for the past 30 years. Though Oroville has its share of problems—a lot of people look down on us because of the so-called gangs, drugs and whatever else they think of—we are trying to grow each day. New businesses are opening. We are all going through major changes.

I know a lot of citizens who are angry, plus some of the teenagers are upset about a lack of things for kids to do here in Oroville. We need publicity to make my hometown proud. I have a 30-year high school reunion coming up, and I hope things will get better for all of us here in Oroville.

Richard De La Vega

Think you’re saving the world?
Re: “Craving knowledge” (Letters, by Michael M. Peters, CN&R, July 5): First of all, I am appalled at the insensitivity that was showed using the names “coke heads,” “meth freaks” and “fat people.” With that kind of attitude, you aren’t saving the world, you are damaging it.

Not all overweight people are addicted to food; there are several medical causes for weight gain. And while we are on the subject, food is not a drug.

Before you want to throw out anymore lines of your wisdom, maybe you should read a few more books and get your facts right, and a sensitivity class might help as well.

Kathryn Marshall

Bikers, be aware
We need to be concerned with the way some bicycles are operated in Chico. There are far too many riders on the sidewalks, using pedestrian crosswalks, riding in the opposite direction of traffic and appearing where you don’t expect. I have personally had three near collisions with bicycles.

Bike riders need to be aware that they are required to operate as motor vehicles operate.

Ride with traffic, stay off the sidewalks and stop at intersections as required. Chico needs a bicycle safety program or increased policing. I am willing to share the road but expect bike riders to obey the law.

Gary Lapple

Get it together, Congress
Vice President Cheney and President Bush should be impeached. They do not have to be removed from office, but they must be impeached in order to preserve our Constitution and our democracy. Unless they are impeached, too much power will be passed on to the next president and vice president, and they will not relinquish it.

Both Cheney and Bush believe themselves to be above the law. The way they have defined “war” we will be at “war” for my lifetime. They have acted reprehensibly and illegally in secrecy under the guise of “war power” or national security. They don’t believe they have to answer to Congress. Any witnesses Congress calls to find the truth of their actions cannot now be required to testify because of Congress’ lack of willpower.

If Congress does not act courageously to protect the Constitution, our whole democracy may be in danger.

Norm Dillinger

Frisbee golf revisited
Beautiful young people who play at the Frisbee-golf course, please be careful crossing Highway 32. The speed limit there is 65 mph, and some people drive much faster. Not everyone who drives Highway 32 knows of the park. So, the safer you are, the safer the drivers are, and undesirable attention will not come your way. Please be cautious. You are loved.

P.S. The Reebok is a white, size 8 left shoe.

Kathleen McNeilley Dunning

Secrets, secrets

Frat boys, beer cans, white sand beach! I’ll thank you to keep our secrets inside your teeth.

Jill Newman
Butte County

Re: “Live Earth” (Newslines, by Emanuella Orr, CN&R, July 12): The story about Chico’s Live Earth celebration July 7 failed to mention that the Chico Peace and Justice Center sponsored the event. This omission has been corrected online.