Letters for December 8, 2016

Two on the cover

Re “Big headlines you didn’t see” (Cover story, by Paul Rosenberg and Terelle Jerricks):

The whitewash of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is stock in trade for the Japanese press. Stories that are deemed deleterious to the government and/or proper running of the country can be altered or deleted. The Japanese Newspaper Law of 1909 specifically allows government press censorship; prior to World War II, Japanese could be prosecuted for “thought crimes.” The Japanese have had their own brand of “fake news” for centuries and it continues as part of their culture.

The crisis in evidence-based medicine is a result of the dumbing-down and grade inflation in American education. The USA is currently ranked only 17th in education worldwide. We are graduating people from college with the equivalent of grade school diplomas. This directly affects the quality of doctors, researchers, dentists, etc. Medical research is at a standstill. I’m 68 and I have never encountered so many incompetent doctors and dentists.

Mike Peters


The really big news from Project Censored this year is its offer to provide curriculum to educators that gives students the tools to distinguish between verifiable news sources and their sometimes dishonest counterparts. The Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) and Project Censored have launched the Global Critical Media Literacy Project (GCMLP).

The combined effect of our “truth emergency” and the tidal wave of information in which we find ourselves is that democracy is being undermined by thwarting what little desire citizens might have had to be informed about and engaged in issues that affect them. An antidote to our digital information overload is GCMLP’s critical approach to media.

GCMLP provides students opportunities to publish academic works in the annual Project Censored (PC) book, research and nominate independent news stories, and to develop the skills to maintain online privacy.

GCMLP provides educators opportunities to publish original works in PC/ACME journal, website and annual book, and to receive lecture notes and slides and classroom activities.

After studying the Educator’s Resource Guide and being in contact with GCMLP board members, they have encouraged me to communicate a summary of GCMLP to faculty at Chico State and Butte College. If you know a professor who might be interested, contact me at cswithuhn@yahoo.com.

Charles Withuhn


Thanks, wall protectors

Re “Stony resolve” (Newslines, by Howard Hardee, Nov. 24):

Enormous thanks to those involved in Respect the Walls. We have biked and hiked Old Humboldt Road most weekends approaching four decades and have been quite horrified by the ugly development currently transpiring. Most folks had no idea such a vital organization existed and are relieved beyond expression.

Kenneth B. Keith

Los Molinos

Something unique, indeed

Re “Best of Chico, Editors’ picks” (Oct. 16):

Thank you very much for selecting the Chico State Arts District as the Best Fancy Date Night in the Best of Chico issue. The opening of the new Arts & Humanities building has crystallized what we here on campus are calling the Arts District, and we are so pleased to see the community is responding positively.

We think having five theaters and several galleries all in the space of a long city block is special. When you add the downtown venues, galleries and attractions, we have something unique in Chico.

Thanks again for the shout out and for all you do to promote arts and culture in Chico.

Stephen Cummins


Editor’s note: The author is director of University Public Engagement.

Weekly dose of Trump

I voted for Trump. I believe in gay marriage, I would welcome a person of color as a son-in-law, I am pro-choice for women, I do not like his idea of getting rid of the inheritance tax but agree with Trump’s other tax ideas. I also want to protect our borders, and I see no reason to rush unvetted people into our country and cause a terrorist attack a week like Europe has since they allowed such an onslaught. I want Supreme Court justices that will uphold the Constitution as it is, instead of looking at it like it needs to be changed to fit any political party’s wishes.

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative who believes that without borders we have no country, and that is not prejudiced—just common sense. I love you all, and I wish all you liberals could get the hate that Obama and Hillary instilled in your souls out of yourselves and love us mean old right-wingers back, as we are not who you think we are!

Garry Cooper


Why don’t you talk about the violence against the people who support Trump? The constant vandalism against us.

Here is my story: This is the third time my car has been vandalized simply because I support Donald Trump. The first time was before the election; they keyed my car. The second time was after the election when they ripped part of my bumper sticker off.

I didn’t really care about those two instances because it didn’t cost me any money. But this time they broke out my window for the simple reason of who I supported for president. They didn’t take anything. They simply threw a rock through my window.

So now it is costing me money I would rather be spending on my family and friends for Christmas. I’m tired of everyone saying and writing about how we are the violent ones, when the left is going out and rioting and vandalizing people’s property simply because they didn’t get what they want. They need to grow up!

Derek Tenckhoff


I’m compiling a list of resources for people who may not feel safe under the new administration. Please post your additions on the Facebook page Norcal Progressives for the 99%. Wearing safety pins to show support for those groups can be enhanced by using colored diaper pins, which I’m enjoying giving out.

Gayle Kimball