Let’s move on

City Council should stop obsessing over Walmart

When Chico’s elected leaders get back to business next Tuesday (Jan. 5) at City Council chambers, we’d like them to focus on the future.

Specifically, we’re hoping that they, along with the public, will stop obsessing over Walmart. A majority of the council voted down the retailer’s proposed expansion during a mid-November session, but the subject has invaded each meeting thereafter.

First, Councilman Larry Wahl placed the issue on the agenda, asking the panel to reconsider the vote. He’d organized a large contingent of frustrated and visibly angry Walmart supporters, and the council ended up spending several contentious hours discussing a dead issue. What a waste of time.

During the subsequent meeting a couple of weeks ago the issue crept into other unrelated matters, including discussions on a low-income housing project in Meriam Park and the city’s finances. Wahl wasn’t the only one with Walmart on the mind that evening. Some of the references to the retailer came from council members who’d voted against it.

Enough is enough.

It’s a new year, after all, and the city’s got plenty of other important issues to grapple with. Walmart may decide to come back to the council in a year with a new proposal for its Chico store, but until then let’s get on with other business.