La Fin du Monde


With only three songs, local band La Fin du Monde’s debut EP is short but sweet. The band’s signature lyric-less instrumental collision of drums, keys, guitars and bass (with generous effects) sounds pretty damn good live, but it’s even better over coffee in your living room on a rainy Saturday morning. “The Farce” is the best song of the three, and showcases the range LFdM is capable of. It starts off gentle, dreamy and hesitant, with Chris Roberts and Adam Scarborough on guitars, the former purring low, the latter sounding flute-like. The very sweet lilting opener progresses into a more frenetically paced clash of sounds. Ambient, repetitive melodies and odd time changes make zoning out to this song (and the other two) inevitable. La Fin du Monde has the ability to transition between trance-y, punk-y and plaintively sweet. I am fervently looking forward to the first full-length from these local innovators.