Know your wildflowers

Handy word-find puzzle hones the senses

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There’s more to the Wildflower than biking—it’s no coincidence that the spring race draws its name from one of Butte County’s greatest natural treasure troves this time of year. If you haven’t headed up to Table Mountain, do so (and soon). In the meantime, brush up on floral varieties with this word-find puzzle from the Bureau of Land Management.

Beavertail cactus
Butte County golden clover
California poppy
Colusa layia
Coast wallflower
Death Valley sandpaper plant
Desert sunflower
Diablo rock-rose
El Dorado mule ears
Indian paintbrush
Lost Hills saltbush
Modoc bedstraw
Mojave monkeyflower
Mountain lilac
Munz cholla
Otay manzanita
Pleasant Valley mariposa lily
Quincy lupine
San Diego ambrosia
Sand verbena
San Joaquin woolystar
Showy madia
Tuolumne fawn-lily