Know your options

Make the most of your health care

It’s open enrollment season, when many people must select or switch their health benefits for the following year. Thankfully, there often are overlooked benefits and programs that can help you save money and boost your well-being at the same time. More health plans are offering telemedicine as an option for care—mobile apps can connect you to a doctor 24 hours a day via the camera on your cellphone, tablet or computer, and can cost as little as $5 a visit. Some dental plans also offer access to teledentistry, where consumers can avoid in-person costs and order direct-to-consumer products like teeth aligners. Vision plans can provide a second pair of prescription eyeware for a reduced co-pay and cover safety or extended computer-use glasses for free, too. And make sure to check with your employer—they may supply discounted gym memberships or financial incentives for taking part in healthy activities.