How to prepare when your power goes off

Don’t fear the blackout

As the winds pick up this fall, rolling blackouts may occur across various areas of the state, including parts of Chico. There are certain precautions that you can take so that you and your family remain safe and comfortable. Preparation is key, but an emergency supply kit is a necessity. Pack enough supplies to last a week, including, but not limited to: nonperishable food, drinking water, tools and utensils, duct tape, a flashlight, a radio and extra batteries, a first-aid kit, a cellphone charger, medication, eyeglasses/contacts, toiletries, blankets and clothes, pet food, activities for kids and copies of important documents. Every family has different needs—just make sure to refresh your kit once a year. And don’t forget to take a trip to the bank for cash and to fill up on gas—ATMs, credit card machines and gas pumps may be down. Visit for more detailed advice, including food safety and utility shut-off.