Kisai Intoxicated

Breathalyzer watch


If you’re asking your watch whether or not you’re drunk, you already have an answer to the question. And with the Kisai Intoxicated breathalyzer watch, even though you may not be drunk when you start blowing into it, people around you will sure think you are. The stainless-steel timepiece features an always-on LED display, a breathalyzer, and a sobriety game that tests your reflexes and response time by tasking you with stopping a roving LED line in the dead center of the watch face. It’s fitting that the Kisai Intoxicated includes a sobriety game because the watch’s design makes it for “entertainment purposes only.” That legal disclaimer essentially strips the reliability and functionality of the breathalyzer and shifts its entire purpose to being a bar game on your wrist. Though it takes approximately three hours to fully charge via a USB connection, a single charge lasts for close to a month—plenty of time to finish that pub crawl. The $149 tag may place a small strain on your bar budget, but Tokyoflash ensures every penny is well spent by pairing high-quality materials and solid construction with a bold, original style. The breathalyzer cap even resembles a flask’s screw cap and it’s this attention to detail that keeps the watch on your wrist.