Keeping up with DiCaprio

Two-time Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, a longtime champion for environmental causes, is said to have purchased an eco-friendly New York residence.

His new digs will be far from straw-bale structures or the geodesic domes of yesteryear. The Associated Press reported that the 33-year-old actor is getting ready to move into an apartment in aptly named Riverhouse, a 32-story tower overlooking the Hudson River.

Located at Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan, the 264-unit modern, fancy-pants structure includes everything an eco-conscious rich person could ask for: a water-treatment facility, rotating solar panels and a 24-hour air-filtering system. The structure also comes complete with a fitness center, 50-foot lap pool and a branch of New York’s public library.

According to the building’s Web site, apartments range from $835,000 for a one-bedroom to about $3 million for a four-bedroom.

DiCaprio takes up residence in Los Angeles, too. His home there is equipped with solar panels.