Rated 2.0

Hayden Christensen is a Jumper, a young dude who’s found he has some genetic glitch that allows him to jump from one location to another. It’s sort of handy and it saves his life as a young boy, as he avoids drowning and instead finds himself in a library. After bailing from an abusive home and setting himself with funds derived from doing the types of things that a lot of folks would do if they found themselves with his convenient talent, he finds others who have the same power. And there’s a group led by Samuel L. Jackson that’s hell-bent on wiping out these trespassers because, well … it’s never really clear. They want to eradicate the Jumpers because that’s what the script needs to bridge the action sequences. There’s a lot that is not clear here. But things blow up and the editing is flashy, so you don’t have to be bothered with thinking if you don’t want to.