Jon Wayne

It’s been almost 10 years since the classic cult album Texas Funeral was released on Cargo records. Full of drunk and sloppy songs about the joys of Texas, the album was hilarious. Lead singer Jon Wayne (guitar/organ/piano/vocals) sounded like a deranged, patriotic nut as he sang about truck driving, his wife “that peed on the carpet and shot my horse,” and Mr. Egyptian, the “goddamn liar” at the gas station who spoke in phrases like “abu-dabby-dum.” Featuring Earnest Beauvine on lead guitar, horn and pedal steel, Timmy Turlock on bass and Jimbo on drums and tuba—the group are self-professed fans of Merle Haggard (so much so that they “moved to Fresno thinking he lived there").

This ambitious follow-up, which took six years to record, is even more exquisitely retarded then the first. Songs like "I Do Drive Truck," "Country Porno," and "Texas Learning Center" sound again like cowboys—nearly overdosed on acid, nitrous and whisky—playing polka in a garage beneath a ceiling of dribbling donkey piñatas. Songs about "drinking in the park where my kids used to play" and comments about "egg-shaped babies" only heighten the group’s self-termed "troglodyte redneck chic." Tripped-out studio effects—from engines that won’t turn over to swirling toilet water—are thrown into the general hilarity. Fans of Ween or locals The Asskickers might consider checking this out.