Jon Snows and giraffes

Websites use data to predict the most popular Halloween costumes

Move over, sexy cats, 2017 might be the year of the giraffe. That’s one interesting finding the folks from two major websites—fashion marketplace Lyst and social network Pinterest—found when they joined forces to predict the most popular adult Halloween costumes of 2017. Analysts looked at data including searches, pins and saves from a combined pool of 180 million monthly users to come up with the top 10 predictions, listed below. The resulting list includes expected pop culture favorites, as well as some surprising entries (i.e., saves on giraffe makeup and costume images are up 1,200 percent from this time last year).

1. Pennywise the Clown

2. Stranger Things characters

3. Beauty and the Beast characters

4. A giraffe

5. Wonder Woman

6. Game of Thrones characters

7. A Baywatch babe

8. A hippie

9. A unicorn

10. A mermaid