Joel Castle checks in

He arrives at High Desert State Prison

The CN&R reported last week that Joel Castle, the 63-year-old man found guilty of trading marijuana for a guitar, had been sentenced to two years, eight months behind bars. Well, his sentence has begun. He arrived at High Desert State Prison near Susanville this past week.

Castle, who is appealing his conviction, turned down his sentence of three years’ probation in favor of prison, arguing parole often does not come with a stipulation that he not smoke medical marijuana with his doctor’s recommendation (though probation does). According to a recent letter, his stay in prison has not been quite as cozy as his time in Butte County Jail. He’s been threatened and was beaten by another inmate, he writes, and “taken down” by a guard, furthering previous injuries to his back and spine.

He’s not one to complain, though. “Don’t cry for me, Argentina,” he closes. “I made my bed.”