Welcome to Chico! Whether you’re moving here or just visiting, the News & Review, Chico’s award-winning weekly newspaper and publisher of this guide, would like to welcome you to our happy, fun community of just under 100,000 people. While Chico is cozy, there’s certainly no lack of things to do in this classic American college town. Check this guide to find special events, everyday adventures and our favorite spots to get away from it all.

Spring and Summer Highlights
Don’t miss out on the countless fun fairs, performances, cook-offs, parades and other great Chico activities offered this season.

If shopping is your thing, or you just want a place to sip a cup of joe and people-watch, check out the downtown area for bars, restaurants, shops and hangouts.

Chico State University, located in the heart of downtown, offers a hip collegiate atmosphere unique and necessary to Chico’s culture.

The league-winning legendary Chico Heat takes the field in May, led by one gregariously friendly dragon named Heater.

Whether you’re in town for the night or planning a week-long family vacation, you’ll have no problem finding a place to rest your weary head.

Kid Friendly
Playgrounds, water holes and family-style restaurants are but a few of the opportunities for children and adults alike to have a good time in Chico.

C’mon guys, the gals aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good shopping spree. With the downtown area and our two indoor malls, Chico offers everything you could want.

Bidwell Park
Bikers, skaters, equestrians, hikers, swimmers and picnickers alike are all welcome to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Bidwell Park.

The ‘Tree Farm’
One of Chico’s unique features is this extraordinary exhibit of trees and other vegetation from around the world. Don’t miss the Giant Bamboo Forest!

Summer here can be hot, but with great places to sit in the shade or take a dip in the creek, it is easy to enjoy the season indoors and out.

Photo by Tom Angel

Take a night out on the town to enjoy our local theater and concert venues and discover what Chico is really about.

Wine & Dine
Mmm Mmm good… Eating can be one of the most pleasurable experiences in town. Just make sure you know where to go.

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