In the Land of Women

Rated 2.0

Great … the emos have reached the point where they get to write the scripts, and the reference point itself seems to be Garden State, Zach Braff’s navel-gazing riff on The Graduate. Seeing that I never liked The Graduate much itself, the current tiny clones are nothing short of intolerable. This time around, a Los Angeles schlub gets dumped by his starlet girlfriend and moves to Michigan to recover (awwwww). There he falls into a multi-generational household of knuckleheaded women prone to aphorism-spouting and chuckleheaded sitcom bon mots and … well, stuff happens. Not interesting stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Well, big stuff happens, but it’s played in such a clichéd manner that it all comes across as just stuff. To an appropriately mopey indie rock tune, of course. Although you might abide it for the morbid curiosity of watching Meg Ryan try to manipulate the muscles of her new face.