In 30 years, seismic changes

Whites no longer a majority in California

The latest Field Poll indicates that the racial and ethnic makeup of California’s electorate has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. Whereas in 1978, 68.9 percent of California residents were white non-Hispanics, today the figure is 42.8 percent, well below a majority. Latinos are the next largest group, going from 18.1 percent of the population in 1978 to 37 percent today. California is truly a multicultural, multiethnic state.

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Group 1978 2009 change White non-Hispanic 68.9% 42.8% -26.1% Latino 18.1% 37.0% +18.9% Black 7.5% 6.0% -1.5% Asian/other 5.5% 14.2% +8.7%

Source: Field Poll, Sacramento Bee