Beer money

Big surprise: Sierra Nevada pays the most in property tax

Property-tax figures offer an insight into which business is the Big Kahuna in town. If you had any doubt that in Chico it was Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., these figures from 2008-09 should put that doubt to rest. The (Ken) Grossman Family Trust and Sierra Nevada pay the most in property taxes in Chico by a factor of three. The second-largest taxpayer, Chico Crossroads LP, operates the shopping center just across Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from Sierra Nevada that includes Barnes & Noble and Ashley Furniture.

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Rank Owner Revenue (in $) 1 Grossman Family Trust/Sierra Nevada 1,003,164 2 Chico Crossroads LP 379,840 3 Garwood Skypark LP 319,657 4 Chico Mall Limited Partnership 285,942 5 Costco Wholesale 210,251 6 Merle A. Webb & Sons 199,102 7 Evergreen Orchard LLC 189,114 8 California Water Service Co. 185,022 9 Lowes HIW Inc. 179,072 10 Chico Senior Living LLC 171,358