Everybody’s seeing Jesus

Hey Redding, you can hardly notice it.

Hey Redding, you can hardly notice it.

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Those in the know know that Arts DEVOté’s formative years were spent in the northernmost end of the north valley, in the sleepy river town of Sundial Bridge, Calif. (aka Reddin’ to us yokels) despite the mass amounts of corporate-funded arts-and-recreation goodness, such as the aforementioned bridge, the only reason A.D. returns to his old stomping grounds is to visit the extended DEVOté clan.

But that may all soon change! In what can only be described as a “totally Redding move,” there is a huge potential beacon on the literal horizon. In the middle of the city’s westerly Klamath Mountain Range, atop the site of the old Iron Mountain Mine, there are plans in the works to construct a 200-foot-tall marble Jesus! According to a recent story in the Redding Record Searchlight, the owner of the superfund site (home to the most acidic water on Earth!, says the E.P.A.) is actively securing funds for constructing the Jesus, as well as a companion 100-foot crucifix, which could be seen from practically everywhere between Red Bluff and Mount Shasta.

Now, the city of Redding is likely crapping chiseled marble bricks at the thought of this encroachment on its ongoing plans of sophistification, but A.D. would like to offer his support of the creation of such a sure-fire magnet for tourists, miracle seekers and nut-jobs. It might not be a symphony, but it would really (really, really) fill up hotel rooms.

Just one luft balloon

Nous allons à ciné
It’s not Cannes. It’s not even France. But next week, if you only have time for an afternoon road trip, Sacramento’s K Street will sound sort of French as the Sacramento French Film Festival kicks off July 18 at the Crest Theatre and continues through July 27. There are some new French-language, English-subtitled works, plus some premieres, but the most interesting films on the schedule appear to be the featured classics, including semi-obscure works by American photographer and expatriate William Klein and the poetic, yet dialogue-free 1956 classic, Le Ballon Rouge (“The Red Balloon”).

More love for Chico
A couple more atta-boys for local artists. First, Chico Paper Co.’s cash machine, Jake Early, has one of his signature prints on display at Sunset Magazine’s home decorating dream house, the Menlo Park Idea House. Also, local author Frank Callahan’s account of just how craptacular of a job George W. Bush has done as president, Does W Stand for Worst? , has been picked up for distribution by Barnes & Noble. Congrats!

Bi-weekly Devotions

• City Arts Meetings in City Council Building, 421 Main St.: Public Art Policy Committee, Thursdays, July 10 and July 17, 5 p.m.

A Child’s Guide to Good and Evil : New works by Jodi Nixon and Dean Hernandez at Empire Coffee. Opening reception Fri., July 11, 7:30 p.m.

Babylon : Origin Bellydance brings in the clowns, and the magic, wild animals and belly dancing for a circus of fun at Duffy’s Tavern Fri., July 11.

• Those Congo drums: Congolese performer Chrysogone Diangouaya comes to Chico from Paris, France, to perform and teach drumming and vocals at the Chico Women’s Club Tues. and Wed., July 14 and 16.