I witness

You let go of your two pit bulls, with their leashes dragging behind them in the dirt. They made their way into the One Mile fishing-hole water. Soon they were staring down a little girl, growling, while you seemed oblivious. All the other children in the creek were equally horrified and sought out their parents. Then, as if nothing had happened, you called your dogs to leave. One of them thumbed his nose at all of us by lifting a leg and leaving us all a present, floating down the creek.Send us your rants, kudos, love letters or bizarre sightings, but keep it to 100 words. You’ll remain anonymous, but you must identify yourself for us to process your submission. Mail: Iwitness c/o CN&R, 353 E. 2nd St., Chico, CA 95928; email: iwitness@newsreviewcom.