I Me Mine

George Harrison

Originally published in 1980 and out of print for quite a while now, the late George Harrison’s autobiography is as humorous as it is informative. The late Derek Taylor, former Beatles press secretary and one-time head of public relations for Apple Ltd., interviewed Harrison during the ‘70s, and Harrison’s words from those interviews basically make up this book.

“It was to have been called The Big Leather Job,” Harrison quips in the foreword, “but became known as I Me Mine.” To which he adds, “I have suffered for this book; now it’s your turn.”

What we "suffer" through is Harrison’s own retelling of the entire Beatles experience, with Taylor filling in gaps as needed (in italics), a section of private photos whose captions are located in the back (yielding hilarious results—a picture of George in 1966 practicing his sitar bears the turned-to-line "The author enjoying a cheese sandwich"!), and both facsimiles of original handwritten lyrics and the same set in more readable type. A new introduction written by Harrison’s widow, Olivia, is filled with deep and palpable affection. Overall, a very enjoyable read.