Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

Downtown fixture, rapper and recent father Aye Jay Morano recently gave us his new coloring book to review, “now with ultra classy frames,” as the cover says. Some of you may know Morano’s “urban-guerilla-style” artwork from the number of colorful concert fliers he has done over the last few years. Here, he has put together your standard black-and-white coloring book consisting of his favorite gangsta rappers—most of whom appear to hail from the West Coast.

There are 18 illustrations in all, from Snoop Dog and Eazy E to Schooly D and even (not so famous) friends of the artist like the Gingerbread Man. Considering the cover shows the inside of a gun and most of the figures celebrated within built their careers on bitch-slappin’ ho’s, f***n’ with the police and defying The Man, it’s probably safe to say this book is aimed toward more mature coloring book fans (we hope!). And, for that budding artist, Morano leaves the last framed page blank so that you can “draw your own gangsta rap superstar here.” The motto of Janky Industries: “If the CD is blue or the book is photocopied … it’s janky!”

Janky also offers: The Disturbers 3: Kefu Kwan (CD) and Becky Sagers: Live in Gurp City (CD) with 420 X 10 Records. You can pick up most of this stuff at Paradise Lost video downtown, or for more info, you can contact