I Love You, Man

Rated 3.0

Paul Rudd, who’s becoming a “bromantic comedy” regular (see Role Models), plays a man engaged to a woman with a gaggle of friends—but he has none himself. So off he goes on a mission to find the right “man date,” someone who might stand next to him at his wedding. Rudd is predictably charming and funny as the awkward Peter, fumbling his words like a teenage girl with a crush. He’s cute, and the best part of this movie. Peter’s man buddy, Sydney (Jason Segel), is his polar opposite. He’s not interested in relationships, he talks openly about subjects Peter finds taboo and he’s kind of a slob. Rudd and Segel play well together, but Segel’s Sydney character, especially at first, seems a bit forced, the straight-shooter image a tad overdone. The other actors, on the other hand, fit right in: Rashida Jones (The Office) as Peter’s sweet, down-to-earth fiancée Zooey, Jamie Pressley (My Name Is Earl) as Zooey’s loud-mouthed BFF, and Jon Favreau as her bulldog of a husband to name a few. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated R